Samantha was fed up with the boring look & feel and lack of je ne sais quoi at most hair salons – seriously, why was customer experience not numero uno for people?! Fuelled with a passion to make a change, she decided to pack up her 10+ years of knowledge and unrivalled skills, taking the plunge and opening up her very own salon.

When you take her talent for creating incredible styles people can wear every day, combined with the drive to make people look AND feel great, it’s no wonder that Samantha has secured her place as one of the most successful hairdressers of this generation.

Harnessing the power of social media she has successfully established her brand identity within the industry, with one of the most instagrammable salons and the celebrity clientele to match.

Known for her trademark balayage techniques and specialist colour knowledge, Samantha works alongside her hand-picked team of supreme colourists and stylists, using the latest pioneering techniques, to deliver a bespoke service that is as remarkable as you.