There's so many things that affect our hair without us knowing, the environment, our diet and our daily routines. There's a lot of reasons why our manes can start to thin, so we want to give you a run down on the most likely so you can start taking steps to combat it.


Stress is one of the common causes of hair thinning. Our bodies can react to stress before we even realise we're stressed ourselves. This one is so dependant on every individual, we all deal with stress differently. The only way to combat stress is to find what works for you to reduce it. Things like excercise, yoga and meditation work wonders for stress, it can take time to find what works for you but once you work out a routine and you stick with it, it'll be such a game changer.


Lacking in iron isn't unusual for a lot of people, it's very dependant on your diet and we don't blame you for not checking your dietary intake on every meal, nobody has time for that. The best way to up your iron levels is with a good supplement, minimal effort and if you're forgetful with taking tablets, just set a repeating reminder on your phone!


B12 is such an important vitamin, it affects the health of your red blood cells which carries oxygen to your tissues. It'll cause your hair to weaken if you're not getting enough. If you're vegetarian or vegan then it's more likely you're lacking in the b12 department as a main source is meat and so a supplement would be the best way to go to boost your intake.


Your hormones have a hell of an impact on your mane, it could be the type that you're on or even simply starting & stopping. If your birth control contains oestrogen then it's likely to help your hair growth but those based solely on progesterone are more proned to causing hair thinning. If you're concerned, the best thing to do is to book an appointment to have it reviewed by your doctor, don't hop on and off as you can end up causing more problems.


Whilst your top knot and tight sleeked pony may look amazing, they'll be taking a toll on your locks, even more so if you're using damaging hair accesories like plastic elastic hair bands. We're obviously not going to tell you to ditch the slaying hair styles but just be aware and maybe add in an extra hair conditoning masque on those weeks that your hair has been through a lot.

Some of these things might take a while to get in control of, like stress. Others are easier, so start by upping your intake of the vitamins we mentioned and work your way through to the ones that are a little more difficult to tackle.

Just remember that miracles don't happen over night and it'll take some time to see a noticeable difference but a healthy af mane is so worth persevering for.

Samantha X