Flat, lack lustre and a bit dull. All the things our hair can feel like when we're lacking a little bit of volume. But are you aware of the one mistake you're making when it comes to giving your mane the lift?


SO many of us start the volume addition process too late in our hair routine when the simplest fix can be done before your hair is even dry.


It's all about the blow dry technique, queens.


We're all a little guilty of trying to get the blow drying part of our hair routine out of the way as quick as poss, but it's the most important part to give your hair the oomph it deserves.



Flip your head upside down when rough drying, it'll instantly lift the roots and give immediate volume. Make sure you do this without the nozzle attachment to make sure the air is being dispersed roughly across your entire mane.



Add styling products when your hair is about 80% dry, working them from the back to the front, this makes sure that your hair isn't going to weighed down and product heavy at the front.



Now, style. Re attach your nozzle and you can get to work on your parting and the style you want to achieve, your hair will be FULL of volume by this point and you won't have to stress about trying to add it in with products later.


You can thank us later, go and blow some volume in to your locks huns.


Samantha X