Maintaining the look you have when you leave the salon can be a bit of a mission, there's so many different products on the market to help your colour stay bright and beautiful for a lot longer. Whether it's a golden blonde or fiery red, we're ready to divulge our recommendations & tips for keeping your locks looking vibrant. 


C U T  D O W N  O N  W A S H E S  

The more you wash your hair, the more you're dulling your colour. Investing in a good dry shampoo to help you go longer inbetween washes is a must, and when you do wash your hair don't go OTT on the heat of the water. We're not saying you have to go all out with cold showers, hell NO but taking it down to luke warm is a great idea.


L E A V E  I N  C O N D I T I O N E R S  

Coloured hair needs all the moisture it can get, the weather can have an impact on your hair too so if you have a leave in conditioner in your hair whilst you're out and about, it'll help to lock in the extra moisture.   

O U R  F A V E S


T R I M,  T R I M,  &  T R I M  A G A I N  

We all know the up keep of coloured hair can leave your locks in a less than desirable condition, having a trim every so often will help keep your locks healthy and in turn will help the colour to hold better. Colour on dry and damaged hair will fade a lot faster, you don't have to have excessive amounts taken off each time, just enough to keep it healthy! 

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S H A M P O O S  &  C O N D I T I O N E R S  

When you're searching for shampoos and conditioners, you want to be looking for something that isn't too tough on your hair as you don't want the colour to be stripped. Avoid head & shoulders as this is known to be one of the most abrasive, which is great for a good cleanse if you don't have coloured hair but it's a firm avoid from us if you've got coloured locks. John Frieda is known to be pretty bang on with their colour range and they're also super affordable, the same goes for the Elvive range too! We've linked some of our faves for each hair colour below! 








p.s make sure you're avoiding products that contain sulfates, they strip the natural oils and moisture from your hair which then in turn makes your coloured locks fade. #AVOID


H A I R  M A S Q U E S

If you're hair is in tip top glossy shape, your colour will hold A LOT better. Oils and masques are the best way to give your hair a little bit of extra life. Whilst oils are fab, masques can be a better route if they're tailored specifically to your colour. You don't need to splash out a lot on masques but going for mid range over the cheap options can work in your favour.

O U R  F A V E S

So, hopefully you have a few ideas now of what you can being doing at home to keep your colour looking salon fresh. Let us know what products you find work best for you and your colour!

Samantha X