You get up early, you spend thirty minutes curling your mane. You leave the house feeling fab AF, you arrive at work to find your voluminous curls have dropped down a beachy wave and in the next hour you're left with the remains of what once was. A story we all know to well, there's a million and one products you can use to help your curls hold, from shampoos, to sprays to creams, but there's one thing you're not doing that makes all the difference. 


T H E  S E C R E T . . . 


L E T  T H E M  C O O L 

Honestly it's the simplest of solutions but it makes such a difference. When we say let them cool, we don't mean simply holding them in your hand for a few seconds before dropping them, we mean letting ALL the heat drain before you let them loose. Obviously you can't sit there waiting for them all to cool individually, mainly because you'll probably get a call from you boss at midday wondering where the f*ck you are. This is where your giant stash of bobby pins comes in...

After you've curled a strand of hair, let the curl slide off in to your hand, making sure that it's still in the same shape. Then roll the curl up to your head and slide a bobby pin in to keep it in place. If you don't want the curl to be running all the way from the top of your head, you can leave the top of the hair strand straight by simply pinning the curl a few inches below the root of the hair. Do this to each strand of hair as you're going through your mane, when you've curled the final piece, wait 5/10 mins and then you can start taking them down! It's as simple as that.

Let us know how you get on and tag us in any photos after you've tried curling using this method!

Don't let your curls hang low, girls.

Samantha X