Who knows what we were doing with our hair in the 90's. Braids, crimping and butterfly clips all wrapped in to one maybe slightly OTT hairstyle, but damn, didn't we look like hot mess queens. 


Hair Crimpers

If you could balance a perfect mix of straight, crimp and random curls then you had THE hair. Unfortunately most is us got too carried away and ended up leaving the house looking like we'd had a fight with the crimpers instead.


Glitter Hairspray

For THAT school disco, which lingered for about two weeks after making you feel like you were breaking the rules every time you walked in to school with sassy AF hair "sorry miss, it just won't wash out".


Conair Quick Braid & Quick Gems

We don't know about you but we kinda wanna ask the founder of Conair why they hated children so much because OH THE PAIN WHEN THE BRAIDING WENT WRONG. The quick braid was actually a disaster 99% of the time, lets be honest. But the quick gems, well, if there was one thing that had us feeling like sass af queens, this was it. Even if they did only last 10 minutes.


Hair Mascara

Because who didnt want weird textured, green and blue strands in their mane.


Butterfly Clips

Purely for decoration because they slid out of your hair if you dared to put more than ten strands of hair between the clips, but damn they looked cute.


Stretch Comb Headbands

Seeing these in Claire's and wondering how the f*ck it was meant to go in your hair.


Clairol Benders

Perfect curls in a packet, oh how naive we were. Unless you were aiming for unruly curls springing in every which way direction, this was not going to deliver.



One of the least crazy hair accessories, probably still quite useful actually if you want that OTT lifted look.


Clacker Hair Ties

That seriously satisfying sound that was met with a serious painful feeling when you got bored and started swinging them around.


What would you bring back? We wanna give crimping another go, hopefully we'll look a little more Britney this time.


Samantha X