January seems to be lasting 10 times as long as it should be, can we just move on to warmer days already. To help you get through the rest of these dull days we're bringing you some hair styling ideas to spice up your mane life this winter.



This is one of the styles that might require getting up a little earlier in the morning, WE KNOW, ITS ASKING A LOT. If you do decide to set your alarm a bit earlier, here's how to achieve this style. Work your way through your mane creating some loose waves with a wide barrel curler, after, add in some sea salt spray to create a beachy texture that'll hold. Then you can start plaiting from the front to the back, this can take a while to master which is why we say getting up a little earlier for this style is a good idea. You don't want to be dashing out of the house with a half perfected mane. Secure the plaits once you reach the bottom of your hair line and then simply wrap a piece of hair round the hand band and secure with a bobby pin. 


This is a seriously low maintenance look, scoop the top 1/3 of hair and pull it up in to a messy bun. It can take a while to be happy with your bun but once you've got it, you're past the hardest bit. With the remaining locks, take some wide barrel curlers and work your way through, the less attention to detail you pay, the better. Add in some texture spray after styling to keep the messy look holding throughout the day.


The easiest, it doesn't matter what your hair looks like from the day before, it's all going back. Spray salt spray through your hair and ruffle it until you get the desired messy texture. Use a brush to add a little more volume and then pull back with your hands ( don't use a brush, it'll dull the texture) and secure with a hairband. After you're happy with where your bun is sitting, pull some strands from the front to add a little bit of framing to your face. Quick, easy 10 minute styling, SORTED. 


This is fab for adding a little more jazz to your hair without spending a tonne of time in front of the mirror. This would be great if you had waves in your hair the day before and you've got some texture left over. 


This is a keen fave at #SCL if you can't tell from our IG, we have a serious love affair with wavy hair.  This is a perfect for a laid back but preened look. For extra gloss and shine, be sure to treat your hair to a indulgent treatment or oil session once a week. 


This super textured mop with bangs is giving up major hair envy. This laid back, easy to style cut is what it's all about in 2018. Effortless chic, if you want to give this chop a whirl, you can book appointments and find all our info on the #SCL site here!


We're so in to this beach texture gathered in to a messy pony. All you need to do is create some waves with a wide barrel curler, don't worry about it being neat as it's going to be made messy anyway! Add in some texture spray after curling and brush through some of the strands to create a varied texture. Use your hands to gather your locks in to a pony, avoid using a hairbrush as you'll end up smoothing down the texture. After creating the perfect messy pony, take a strand of hair and wrap it round the hairband, securing with a bobby pin on the underside. ET VOILA. 


This might not look like the easiest style to achieve but it's really doesn't require to much graft. You'll need a wide barrel curler, hairbrush and hairspray (of course with any style using heat, you'll want to apply heat protection so make sure you've also got that to hand).  Set your hair in to a heavy side parting, section your hair off in to layers and start curling with the wide barrel, remembering to follow the one secret we told you about getting your curls to hold successfully here. When you get to the front section, you'll want to take your fringe and curl it over the barrel to give that iconic Hollywood lifted fringe. After your mane is all curled and set, brush it through with a wide paddle brush to give a loose glossy vibe and finish by setting the parting with hairspray. 

If these styles don't pull your winter mane out of retirement, we don't know what will. As always, don't forget to send us photos of your mane if you try any of these for a chance of being featured on the @samanthacusicklondon IG!

Samantha X