OUR #WCW - Eleanor Barnes @SNITCHERY

This girl just topped our #WCW list, Eleanor's looks are giving us serious hair envy, with it being hump day we figured we'd give you some seriously slaying looks from her IG to get you through to Friday. 


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This style gives instant glam. To get the initial shape, use a hair dryer with the concentrator attachment to fix the parting, be careful not to force down the roots of the hair as we still want that bounce. From there, take a wide barrel curler and work your way through your hair section by section, curling from under ear height. This gives you the bounce and volume at the ends without loosing the glam sleek on the top. Add some texturising spray to keep it full and you're good to go. 


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We are living for this seriously chic textured crop, full bodied and f*cking fabulous. We recommend using a good texture spray to give full body and blow drying with a round brush to give the shape on the ends. 

DON'T forget the heat protection, gotta keeps those locks healthy. 


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FOR THE COLOUR - temporary colours aren't just a festival hype anymore, there's SO many temporary colouring options now on the market. Of course if you want to go for the full plunge and go for permanent, we recommend going to a hairdressers for a consultation to get the exact colour you're after.

FOR THE STYLE - for this style we'd recommend curling your hair with wide barrel curlers, brushing them through to loosen the texture and to then add some texturising spray to keep it full bodied. 


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OH DAMN. We are hella in love with this. The key for the bouncy bangs is a good blow dry with a round brush, to keep the bounce holding don't forget to switch to cold air to set the shape. Do the same with the main body of hair and then you'll find it easier to get the top knot to hold afterwards as it'll have more texture.


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This style works for EVERY length, change it up by using different clips, take it high fashion by using 3 or 4 bobby pins to hold back the hair. Blow dry the hair with the concentrator attachment to smooth any strays, but be sure to add some sleeking product to your hair prior to drying to create that ultra shiny look. 


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This is super simple but gives SUCH a killer result. Blow dry as normal and add some texturising spray, use wide barrel curlers to add some texture to the end. Take the front sections of hair and plait back, making sure to pull hair in to the plait the further you go back to make sure the plait stays close to your head. Secure with either clear elastic or a clip of your choice! 

We hope we've given you a bit of hair inspo from our #WCW to get you through until Friday. Send us pics if you try any of these at home!

Samantha X