Air drying, something we all know we should do more but 9 times out of 10 we just don't have the time to wait for our manes to dry naturally.

But we know how much it's helps the condition of our hair so we're dropping some time saving secrets to speed up the air drying process so you can fit in in your morning routine without walking out the door with damp locks.


As soon as you're out of the shower, grab your towel and gently twist your mane to get the main bulk of moisture out. Afterwards, use a wet hair brush and then twist again to dry it out a little more.

Be sure to only ever use a brush designed for wet hair as your hair is always at its most fragile when it's wet and so you can end up doing a lot of damage if you don't use the right brush.


If you've got a lot of things to do and you just want to get your hair out of the way, get your hands on a micro fibre towel and wrap it up in to a turban. This way you can get on with your morning routine whilst your hair is drying. Micro fibre will help speed up the drying process a lot as it's SUPER absorbent.


When it comes to air drying, you're cutting out the hot styling part of your routine so you've got to add in products to your wet mane in order to achieve the style you want. Get your anti frizz or sleek saviours out and on before your mane has dried.


If you're a time worrier and can't stand the thought of leaving your mane to dry by itself out of fear of it not being dry in time then don't worry, we've got an alternative. Shower & wash your hair the evening before and you can leave it to dry stress free throughout the evening and by the time you head for bed, it'll be dry and ready for your morning routine.

So there's no excuses now, give our air drying tips a whirl and let us know how you get on!

Samantha X