With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, we've dug out some of our most memorable memes from the year and some damn relatable festives faves too.

*remembers 2 weeks later but then feels too awkward to reply so leaves it another 2 weeks, repeat.*

those days were burning toast could lead to world war 3 with the fam, the friends, the dog and the stranger that breathes too loud.

that same feeling when Netflix is loading the next episode and you catch your reflection on the screen.  

6,000 cals a day is highly likely when Christmas food starts appearing in the cupboard like a real life Christmas f*cking miracle. 

when they pluck away and you leave with trust issues from that day forward. 

"babe, do I look like Siri ?"

Don't fuck with us today Sharon. 

*posts job listing for temp seasonal staff on indeed* 

AMEN, feel like if you look in my eyes long enough you'll probably hear my soul telling you it too. 

No that's not a dog, I honestly don't have a clue what you're looking at because I'm allergic to dogs so...

Nodding along and telling yourself to remain composed because otherwise you'll end up having zero friends. 

predicting those post Christmas feels like..

EXCUSE ME, I know you don't have a life outside of our relationship so PLS EXPLAIN  

How there isn't a Olympic sport based on how well guys hold themselves when us girls have nuclear war scale meltdowns is a mystery tbh

two souls, meant to be x

Don't worry Dad, we all know mum plays santa in this family. 

*scrolls back through twitter and deletes the incriminating psychotic evidence*

I mean you didn't ask me for my location so ? Not technically a lie is it ?  

*laughs whilst crying internally cos #truth* 

basically as long as my hair is still looking sleek AF then I got your back boo. 

immediately regrets all the "TREAT YO SELF"  moments. 

When we asked for an advent calendar for all year round, this wasn't we had in mind just fyi.   

To me, ur the best, love me x

We hope you all have a festive and fabulous AF Christmas, share some of your fave festive memes if we've missed any!  


Samantha X