Dear All of Our Amazing Clients,

I just wanted to write an update following the latest publication of our Prime Ministers COVID-19 plan, and what it means for you as a Client in terms of expected opening dates and appointments!

I know there has been some speculation on opening dates for Hairdressers, so hopefully our email will provide you with some clarity for planning! I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you guys for all your support and understanding as Clients; and to let you know it really is appreciated by myself and everyone here at SCL!

Let’s get to the good stuff. We are currently working with a provisional opening date of 4th July, this opening date is dependant on the Government COVID-19 threat level reaching a classification of 3. We have been told that reaching the Government COVID-19 threat level 3 could happen sooner than 4th July, if this happens we’ll be opening sooner too! However the initial advice is to prepare for the 4th July.

There was some confusion in terms of what industry sector Hairdressing would fall under, with many understanding that an opening date of 4th June was possible. There has since been additional clarification following Sunday/Mondays communication, confirming that our 'personal care' sector cannot open in the categories allowed to re-open in June. It sucks, but I understand that safety is the most important thing for both you guys and all of us here at SCL.

I want to let you know that when we took the decision to close the Salon early following the COVID-19 outbreak, we did so with a proper financial plan and a timeline based on other European countries. It’s tough not being able to open our Salon, but there is no doubt that when we’re able to open…we’ll be ready!

For our Clients that have appointments before the expected July 4th opening date, please be assure that we’re in the process of contacting you to reschedule appointments. If you have a deposit don't worry these will be safely stored on your account and transferred to any new booking.

For those of you that have booked using our online booking system, please feel free to move your appointment on there. Here is a link to do so:


Most of you guys have probably already heard from us; either via our online booking system, email or phone. If not please don't worry phone calls and emails will follow. If you need help with your appointment, or have any questions on your current appointment date we’re here via phone or email!

Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing all of you when we open, thanks again for all the love and support!

Samantha x