We're going to give you the low down on all the details, pros and cons of highlights and balayage so you can be 100% sure what you want to do with your locks before walking in the salon doors!


THE OVERALL LOOK : If you're wanting to go for an all over colour lightening  with soft dimension then highlights would be the best option for you.

APPLICATION : Usually with foils, taken from the root all the way through your mane to achieve the desired colour. After your happy with the all over colour of your mane the upkeep will just be focused on the roots and maybe add in the occasional low light to through to break up to much lightness. 

MAINTENANCE : There's more up keep when it comes to highlights, you'll have to pop back to the salon every 4-6 weeks depending on how much regrowth you can tolerate. You can alternate between half head, t-section and full heads to blend away roots.

DAMAGE : Once you've achieved your desired colour, you only have to tackle the roots each month how ever slight overlapping of bleach/ colour is unavoidable when highlighting no matter how careful your colourist is meaning over time hair can get damaged.


THE OVERALL LOOK : This is a more natural alternative to highlights, colour is lightened and blended using free hand techniques allowing for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour similar to what we had as children.

APPLICATION : Balayage is super different in the way it's applied, it's done freehand which gives a lot more of a natural look and the tones are varied throughout. Lighter pieces are blended from the roots starting very fine and getting thicker to through the mid-lengths and ends. It can be left to process wit out foil or film for a soft subtle blend or developed in foils / film to achieve lighter lengths think LA vibes.

Another great benefit of balayage over highlights is that being a hand painted technique your colourist can choose placements that best compliments your haircut, skin tones and features making it look much more natural. Its also way speedier than traditional foiling. 

MAINTENANCE : If you're not one for regular salon visits then balayage would be ideal. As the lighter pieces are blended through with your natural base regrowth is a thing of the past. Future proof hair! You would only have to pop back in for top up's every 3-4 months for a top up ( or to build up the blonde its addictive) .

DAMAGE : As balayage is a freehand technique applied visually overlapping can be avoided so that means happy hair! Because salon visits are further apart than traditional highlighting techniques hair is subjected to less chemical damage and has more time to repair and recover integrity between colour appointments. 

Hopefully that's given you a run down on the difference between the two, if you have any more questions about either of the process' then you can drop us a DM on insta!

Samantha X