Sometimes we just think of a ponytail as a get out of jail free card when we can't be bothered to commit ourselves to making an effort. But we don't have to be boring with our ponies, we can actually make them pretty glam in no time at all...


Ramp up the lift to another level. It can sometimes take a little more effort to perfect a high pony but the pay off is always worth it. Make sure you have a soft brush and hair spray whenever you're doing a pony to help tame the fly always and smooth the hair back. 


Sleek and refined isn't the only option when it comes to a pony. Giving your mane a laid back beachy vibe by pulling it up in to a messy pony can be just as great as the Kardashian signature look. 


Low and long ponies can have you feeling like a B O S S. Straighten your mane, get it sleeked back AF, set your parting and lock it down. It can upgrade any outfit, wear a low sleeked ponytail with even a white tee and jeans and you'll still look like you're ready to take on the world.


It can take a little while to get your hands used to braiding so this might not be one for the morning rush if you're attempting it the first time. But once you've got it down? You can throw it in anytime. You can braid back one side of your parting in to a curly pony, plait it down the centre in to a sleeked straight pony, the options are pretty damn endless when it comes to braids. Pinterest is your best friend for discovering braid styles and they're perfect for summer as they deliver all the festival vibes. 


A good pony doesn't mean it all has to be up, the half up - half down pony is still going strong. We love a voluminous curly mane with the top half pulled up in to a curly waterfall. It's easy and flowing, it ALWAYS delivers.

So your pony can still be your best friend, it doesn't just have to be that go to style when you can't be bothered. Nothing is as powerful as a woman with a punchy AF pony.

Samantha X