We all have those hair stages where we're so totally over our manes and in need of a serious refresh. We often only ever think of the obvious cut or colour options when we get bored but there's actually a tonne of things we can do to spice up our locks before heading to the salon.

1 . C H A N G E  Y O U R  P A R T I N G 

The simplest of changes can get you looking at your mane in a whole new way. Don't keep thinking that the middle parting is so 2006, it's actually one of the most popular choices when it comes to switching up your locks. Middle partings frame your face delicately and add an effortlessly chic look. If middle parting isn't for you, you can try a sharp side parting and add in some curls for a voluminous shape. Don't think that your hair shape is just one shape, mix it about and see what works for you.

2 . B R I N G  O U T  T H E  A C C E S S O R I E S

You'll be surprised how much of a difference an accessory can make, there's a lot of retro accessories that are making a come back, we're talking headbands and silk scarves. Get to accessorising huns.

3 . G E T  T H E   I N S P O   B E F O R E   D I V I N G   I N

Pin, pin and pin some more. Hair ruts are super frustrating but don't make any rash decisions. Create a Pinterest board and spend a few days pinning, A LOT. Pin everything you like and then you can start to narrow it down. Don't just jump on the phone to your hairdresser the minute you see something on IG that you think will look good, we all know that feeling of hair regret too well. 

4 . G E T  A  N E W  S T Y L I N G  T O O L

When we're so used to styling our hair the same way every day, it becomes a bad habit. We do it because we know EXACTLY how we like it but then we end up getting bored and doing something drastic even though we could just add in some curls, waves or straighten! Introducing a new styling tool to your hair routine can change the mane game.

5 . A D D  S O M E  N E W  C O L O U R   T O N E S

"Just the usual today!" do you usually say something similar at your monthly hair appointment? Thought so. Instead of going for the same or swinging completely the other way, why not try switching up a few tones in your usual hair colour. Add in a few warmer or cooler tones to your mane, it'll give a fresh look without a whole overhaul. 

Hopefully this has given you some inspo to get out of your hair rut! Just remember, it's always better to take your time when committing to a new style, the rush is never worth the regret!

Sam X